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Conceptually, I try to emphasize the creative process of painting as a tool for personal  transformation.  I always felt that art was alive in me somewhere, but for much of my life I was too blocked with self-doubt and criticism to allow it to come forth. As I worked through the layers over the years, I have gained a  more positive attitude toward myself and my work, allowing me to more fully explore whatever gifts I have been given.

“In the face of beauty, we are silenced, because beauty expresses silence.  In lavishing attention on the objects of the artwork, the consciousness of the artist can touch something divine, some transcendental quality, and that transcendent element now resides in the artwork.  How do we know it?  We feel it.  We experience it.  Our heart responds to that sublime quality  the artist infused into the work....  A work of art is like a visual form of prayer.”

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